Located in downtown Moncton and home to over 90 families, Congregation Tiferes Israel is a Modern Orthodox synagogue with a diverse membership. The synagogue houses a kosher kitchen, a mikvah, a library and a non-denominational preschool.

The City of Moncton

Moncton, with a booming economy, is known as the fastest growing city in the Maritimes and has a population of 69,074. It is considered the hub of the Maritimes and is a short 2.5 hours drive from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Moncton is home to a diverse multicultural society, 2 hospitals, 2 universities, 2 community colleges, as well as several other colleges.

French and English are both official languages.

With a rich heritage and a booming artistic community, Moncton has plenty to offer people from all walks of life and with an international airport close by, it is an ideal stop for settlers and tourists alike.

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  • Board of Directors 2022

  • President:
    Francis Weil
  • Vice President:
    Theodore Lewis
  • Past President:
    Irwin Lampert
  • Treasurer:
    Carole Savage
  • Secretary:
    Rhonda Rubin
  • Directors:
    David Rinzler
    Victoria Volkanova
    Leigh Lampert
    Alina Langleben,
  • Gabbaï:
    Francis Weil
  • Chevra Kaddisha:
    Jordan Davidson
  • President of Sisterhood:
    Betty Rubin-Druckman