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Dvar Torah for Parshah Bamidmar

Dvar Torah for Sukkot


This parsha has very little commentary and seems to be mostly about numbers. The parsha goes on extensively about the number of Jews that were living in the desert during the forty year sojourn after having left Egypt. The question must be asked, why so much discussion about the numbers? Generally, in the Torah brevity is the rule, yet the numbers are presented and repeated. There is a profound message here that should be noted.

The Lesson of the Numbers

The first message here is that every single Jew counts. Furthermore, the message is that there is no inner circle or outer circle Jews; there are no better or worse ones. The counting of each individual Jew is meant to give a message of equal importance. The message of the groupings is meant to teach that individuality should not prevent collective grouping, a collective that is only possible if everybody yields a little bit to each other.

The Desert

The counting is done in the desert. You see, a desert is a great equalizer. All are facing the same perils and hazardous environment. All are equally landless. All are equally dependent on banding together.

Chag Sameach!

Good Shabbos!

Rabbi Yagod

Rabbi Yitzchok I. Yagod